Keyboard shortcuts in Ideamerit Designer - a diagramming tool for Objectives and Key Results and Mindmaps

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to increase your productivity when designing diagrams for Objectives and Key Results, as well as Mindmap or Decision Tree diagrams.


Arrow keys

Use the Arrow Keys to move around the items in the diagram. The function varies depending on whether you have the diagram displayed horizontally or vertically.

CTRL+Arrow keys

Used to expand or collapse actions in the diagram. When pressed, all sub-items will be expanded or collapsed.

SHIFT+Arrow keys

Used to expand or collapse the nearest sub-items. Everything else remains in the original expand/collapse state.

Editing elements

Enter – edit mode in the diagram
Alt+Enter – navigate to the left sidebar and back to the element in the diagram
Esc – exit edit mode

To quickly edit elements directly in the diagram, press the Enter key. You can then change the main text and confirm your edits either by pressing Enter again or by pressing Esc.

Enter key

To move to the left sidebar, you can press Alt+Enter. Pressing Alt+Enter again moves you back to the active entry in the diagram.

ALT+Enter key

Adding new items

There are keyboard shortcuts available for each diagram type.

Objectives and Key Results

Toolbar - Objectives and Key Results

O – new Objective
K – new Key Results
I – new Initiative
D – new Department
T – new Team
P – new Person
H – new Other


Toolbar - Ideamap and Mindmap

I – new Idea

Decision Tree

Toolbar - Decision Tree

D – new Decision
C – new Chance
E – new End
N – new Note

Copy and Paste

CTRL+C – Copy
CTRL+V – Paste
CTRL+SHIFT+V – Paste as sibling

Classic keyboard shortcuts

CTRL+S – save project
CTRL+O – open project