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Software for drawing Objectives and Key Results, Mindmaps and Decision Tree diagrams

Objectives and Key Results designed in Ideamerit Designer

Software for OKRs, Mind Maps and Decision Trees

Ideamerit Designer is a diagramming tool for drawing mind maps and creating objectives and key results diagrams (OKRs) as well as decision trees.
The software allows you to specify properties of objectives and key results and visualize the value, status or progress of activities or initiatives.

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Ideamap and Mindmap

OKR - Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results Visualizations

Decision Tree

Decision Tree

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OKR diagram

Quickly create diagrams for your Objectives and Key Results

Start visualizing your objectives and key results (OKR) today with Ideamerit Designer.

Draw a diagram for your OKRs and take the first step towards achieving your goals!

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Set important values comfortably

Ideamerit Designer allows you to set values such as

  • business value
  • priority
  • difficulty and more

You can also manually set progress for almost any element. It is always a general estimate, you are not limited and can create an overview that suits you.

Editing properties in Objectives and Key Results diagram made in Ideamerit Designer.
Custom style for Decision Tree diagram created in Ideamerit Designer.

Choose or define your own visualization style

You can choose how the information is presented. If you want to hide the descriptions and get only the main overview, just edit the properties of the diagram. Similarly, you can easily influence the color theme or create your own.

Add specific elements to your diagrams

You can easily add specific elements in diagrams for OKRs and Decision Tree diagrams. In an OKR diagram you can easily add items such as Objectives, Key Results, Initiatives. However, you can also add Department, Person, and Other elements. This will help you to better structure your OKRs. You will find support for keyboard shortcuts to easily and quickly extend your diagram with new items.

Adding items to Objective and Key Results diagram.
Vertical layout made in Ideamerit Designer - a diagramming tool for Objectives and Key Results, Mindmap diagramming and creation of Decision Trees.

Modify layout for greater clarity

Ideamerit Designer offers a number of options to influence the resulting visualization.

  • Elements are arranged in the diagram automatically, so there is no need to move the items in the diagram.
  • You can also easily show or hide individual details.
  • The size of individual elements and line thicknesses can also be easily changed.
  • Switching the diagram to a vertical structure is a matter of one click.

Keep your thoughts fully under your control

Decision tree diagram with custom elements of type Other.
Ideamap or Mindmap created in Ideamerit Designer

Create Ideamap & Mindmap diagrams for free

In the freeware version, you can create ideamaps and mindmaps without limiting the number of elements. Other types of diagrams can be created for less than 10 items in the freeware version.

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